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Chick-Fil-A Bowl Contest!! Hey, its the Holiday season!! We forgot to do a here it is! We got a UGA Redcoat Band CD for the winner ($16.95 at the bookstore)!! Email or call us with you score guess, whoever has the lowest NET difference between their guess and the actual score gets the Disc. Good Luck!  Go Dawgs!!
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DawgCast#93 Chik-Fil-A PreGame!! This is it! Last game of the season! Time to get it on and wrap up 2006. Me and Old Dawg are in the bunker and we've got the stuff on this Hokie Matchup. OL needs help, they're the greatest team ever, we're just lucky to be there, yada,yada,yada.... What is a Hokie anyway? A big discussion on whether a Hokie is a castrated turkey or just a made up word--either way, its pretty bad. GO DAWGS! SIC EM! WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!!!  Call us 706-534-1516!!
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James Brown Tribute Show 1933-2006 Well, we couldn't let this one go by without a tribute show. James Brown was an incredibly influential musical artist who won Grammy for lifetime achievement 14 years AGO and still had a crazy touring schedule as the "hardest working man in show business" AND who also just happened to be a huge Dawg Fan. In spite of all his success, he always remained a faithful and "regular" fan. Never hitting the sideline media circuit to promote his work, but rather sitting in regular seats with the rest of the Bulldog Nation. A great Dawg till the end.


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Hi everyone, Merry Christmas! This is a duplicate posting of the original Episode 92 that we put out earlier this week. Some listeners were having trouble getting it off iTunes.
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DawgCast#92--Christmastime in the Bunker. In more ways than one, we have certainly gotten our Christmas wishes answered this week. Coach Callaway leaves without a buyout, Mike Bobo moves up. Dawgs are practicing and looking good and we're ready for Christmas and then the Peach-Fil-A Bowl!!  And here's some super late-breaking news...Reggie Ball has been declared academically ineligible for the bowl game, so he will officially go out losing four in a row to the Dawgs and finishing up by losing to Wake. Merry Christmas, Tech!  Merry Christmas to you and yours from the red clay of North Georgia to the Red Sea of China.... Go Dawgs!
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DawgCast#91 DawgCast#91-- We're finally back!! Been traveling but we're home in the bunker. we've got recruiting news, some videos and a pledge to quit "dawgventing". Plus, I've got news about a field trip Im taking tomorrow and some really great videos. Check these out!

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DawgCast#90 Just when you think we dont have much to talk about...there are suddenly lots of news stories coming out of Athens. Mostly bad. Ian Smith gets tanked AGAIN. Wil-Mart just won't leave. Ware and Cox are both talking about leaving and the Peach-Fil-A Bowl is shaping up to be tough, but OD won't let me talk about it! Plus OD schools a young listener on the fine art of syntax!!  call us 706-534-1516 or email us at Thanks for listening!
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DawgCast#89 Dawgs 15  ---  Jackets 12
For the sixth year in a row the Dawgs hang a LOSS on the Geeks from ATL. We give a 60 minute effort for the second week in a row and get another gem from Reggie Ball. CJ is shut down by PO. And Tunnunu can't quite stop Stafford and Bobo. A great win to cap a 8-4 season and we tell you all about it and now its time to go bowling.

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DawgCast#88 UGA vs Tech-- Last Home Game of the Year. Clean old fashioned hate. The Governors Cup. The In-State rivalry. Regular people versus the Nerds. Me and Old Dawg break it down. Practice Notes, injury reports, and our own keys to a victory. Plus a bonus break song...the GT Alma Mater!
Also check out this awesome article about our Honorary Captain this week, Jake Scott--- a real bulldog great!

Drunk dial us after or during the game---------706-534-1516---------or email us at
Thanks for listening! We really do appreciate it!
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The Open Date Show! Not much to talk about this week. We've got some practice notes and a shot at the AJC. We do have a trivia contest though so get your answers in quick! And we have two great videos. Check out this version of the UGA History Video that they show in the Stadium each home game
And if that's not cool enough for you, check out this super cool recap of the UGA-Auburn game!! Call Us and tell us what YOU think------------706-534-1516-------------------oe email us at
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DawgCast#86 UGA 37 --- Auburn 15  HUGE WIN!! Right when we needed it most, the Dawgs come thru with a incredible 60 minute effort on the plains of Auburn. Most complete offensive and defensive effort of the year AND Matt Stafford proves he IS coachable with a no-interception performance. We tell you just what you need to know and we cool you off just a bit by reminding you that this is only one game. But it was a big one!

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DawgCast#85 UGA  vs.  AU   Pre-Game-- We've got a chance and we tell you why and how. Take a guess...!  Limit turnovers! Run effectively and tackle surely...Hey, no problem right? We arent down on the Dawgs and we havent turned negative at all. We just bring you the honest scoop from Athens.  ALSO---IMPORTANT NOTE--- I've been meaning to mention this and I always forget- I still have our videos from the Jax game and I cant edit them on my computer without crashing it. If there is anyone out there with a studly desktop and an hour to kill editing our game video, we'd appreciate the help and we'd love to post the video. Can you help?

Call Us at the Bunker  706-534-1516-------------------or email us at
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DawgCast#84 UGA 20 --- Kentucky TWENTY FOUR!! Good Lord, the season of no leadership continues. We bend over and take another game deciding DRIVE in the last minutes. No direction on defense, no coordination of offense, special teams are actually dangerous and embarrassing for our own players. Matt "Pick me off" Stafford has four TD's and 12 INT's... it ain't even a little bit funny....

Bring the pain--------------706-534-1516---------------
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DawgCast#83 UGA  vs.  Kentucky  ---This week we head to Lexington to take on the Wildcats. This stadium has never been friendly to us and this year will probably be no exception. We cover the season ending injuries from this week and other news from Athens as well as our Keys to the victory segment.  Plus take a minute to vote for Tiffany Gillespie--UGA's own Top Ten Finalist in Athlon Sports Sideline Spirit Of the Year Award!!

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UGA 14   ----   UF 21    Well, we lose a heartbreaker. In spite of 5 tunrovers for the second straight week, we are still in the game for 58 minutes but we come away empty. We break it down for you now that we're back in the bunker, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Georgia versus Florida...nuf said! Do you need any more reason to get up for this game. We're 2-14 in the last 16 years. How's that feel?
It's just Derek for this show. Old Dawg is caught on a plane or something. We hear about all the keys to victory and a interview with Taylor Burns!

Lets go and take some from UF!!

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DawgCast Special Bulletin#2 Just a little note to let you guys know that we aren't gonna put up a new show tonight but rather we're gonna record live tomorrow night from the team hotel!  Hang in there for some great Dawg News and a huge VICTORY OVER THE GATORS!!
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UGA 27  ----  Miss St  24  A Win is a Win! Well, it wasn't the prettiest win but it was a win. And this isn't the prettiest show but we get it done in a very long 50 minutes...kinda ramblin. Matt Stafford is 3-0 as a starter and we cover the good points, the bad coverages and the ugly special teams. Our offense is getting better and our defense seems to be getting worse. Still not much leadership on the field, but Ken Harris and Brannon Southerland are stepping it up. And we've got the best dang Tee Retriever in America! Go Dawgs!!  The Cocktail Party is ON!

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UGA vs Miss State Pre-Game
This week we're gonna stay positive. We go back to fundamentals on the old dawgcast...we cover practice notes, injuries, replacement players. Keys to the win and some Miss St series history. Plus a great intermission song. Be sure to visit the website to see the video that goes along with this damn funny song!  Go Dawgs!!

Call us at ---------------------706-KEG-1516----------------------

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DawgCast Special Bulletin Hey Dawg Fans, Im feeling a little bad about last nights show...thinking I was a little over the top...AND I need a favor. I need you guys to go into iTunes and re-subscribe to the DawgCast. We've got a new feed and for proper tracking and tagging and popularity results....we need you to re-subscribe.  Thanks.

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UGA 22  VANDY 24 --- Parental Guidance Suggested! This show for kids over 21 only. Little bitter in the bunker tonight. Smashing recording equipment and Old dawg has started drinking Jager...Things are bad and getting worse for the Dawgs and we cover like only we can. Lots of bad words in this show so please dont let the kids listen.
Things have to get better.

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DawgCast#77 UGA   vs   Vanderbilt   Pre-Game-- Ok, the Commodores are coming to town and we have got to bounce back from the UT debacle. Lots of stuff to look for in this game, so we've broken it all down for you, from practice notes to Vandy's offensive tendencies (fumbling the ball...).
And, by the way, we forgot to mention it on the show and you probably already know but, Brandon Coutu is out for the rest of this season. Dammit, man!
Enjoy the show as you get ready for the game.
And here's the link to the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year Voting Site. Vote early , vote often because even when he's screwing up, CMR is still our man.

Go Dawgs!
Call us at    706-534-1516--------------even if you're not in Boise!

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UGA 33  --- UT FIFTY ONE!  We get it handed to us on a bad night for everyone in the DawgNation. Second most points ever scored in Sanford Stadium on us and it hurt bad. We break it down and it ain't pretty.

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DawgCast#75 UGA vs UT Pre-Game Show... It's finally time to see for real if these Dawgs are pretenders or contenders. It's time to buckle down and mix it up with the Fatty from Knoxville. We've beaten them 4 of 5 years running and we tell you what we need to do to make it 5 of 6. Gonna be a tough game but the Dawgs will win.

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or email us at
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UGA-14 ---Ol' Miss-9

I am getting sick and tired of explaining what's wrong with the Dawgs. We stink it up AGAIN. Come out flat AGAIN and squeak out a close victory against a much-less powerful opponent AGAIN. Like Old Dawg says...we've got a O-Line that cant block, receivers who can't catch and QB's who can't throw...until we get that fixed everything else is just conversation.

Tell us we're wrong.    -------706-KEG-1516----------------

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DawgCast#73 UGA  vs. Ol' Miss  Pre-Game  --  No overlooking an opponent here!! We give you the keys to the victory. A breakdown of what to look for in Miss and some other general notes. Smooth is back with a winning pick and we've got a great song in the break from Fort Minor. Billy Bob Thornton says "The DawgCast is my only source for great Dawg News!"

Call us at  706-KEG-1516
or email us at

Thanks for listening...and dont forget to put a pin in our map on the homepage! Look for Frappr Map!
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DawgCast#72 UGA 14  --   Colorado 13
I hope this ain't the first episode you listen to because this show damn near feels like a loss. We're still recovering from our underestimation of Colorado. And we take the heat. We tell you what we think about what went wrong on both sides of the ball and what few things went right. Not a very funny or light-hearted show. Too many mistakes by coaches and players to be joking around... Call us if we're wrong  706-KEG-1516

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UGA vs Colorado Pre-Game Show-- Ralphie is on his way to Athens and Danny Verdun Wheeler has devildog eyes. We are all over the place on this little gem but we're feeling good going into this weekend. Injury reports, crappy Tight Ends and Chester's stomach ulcers!! We dig deep for you. Plus we've got the link to the Erk Russell Tribute Video.  The Original Podcast about UGA Football and always the best. Done by fans, for fans right here in A-town. See you at Sanford on Saturday. Vote in our poll!!

Call us at ---------------706-KEG-1516------------- or email us at
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DawgCast#70 UGA-34....UAB-ZERO

These shut outs are spoiling me! Defense paints another masterpiece and offense conntinues to grow and mature. We cover the whole game for you and break it down like only the DawgCast can. Plus we have a live report from topside Athens about a major injury to a key player. Ain't this getting fun??
Call us at 706-534-1516 or email us at

Thanks for listening!
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DawgCast#69 Week Two-- It's been kinda slow around the bunker this week. A few practices, one of which was an indoor walk thru. No real injuries since the USC game. We cover who's in and who's out this week. The Wheaties box and a tough UAB team coming to town. Keys to the victory plus a Smooth Pick O The Week!
And check out this cool calendar setup from DawgCast Technical Services!
We're still warming up! Thanks for listening!
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Great Win and a fitting tribute to Erk. We hang a goose egg on Darth Visor and it feels great. We cover the offense and Stafford's SEC debut as well as the incredible Defensive effort of the Junkyard Dawgs 2006 version. Is Spurrier becoming a victim of the chicken curse??

Be sure to check out our photo album on the website at and give us a call at 706-534-1516 or you can email us at

Thanks for listening!
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Erk Russell Memorial Show 1926-2006 We lost another great one today...

Erk Russell 1926-2006...

Too important to wait until the USC post-game show. We wanted to do a little memorial for the greatest Defensive Coordinator of all time. Erk was a helluva motivator, a helluva coach and a helluva man. We're gonna miss him.

Give em hell, Erk!
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USC vs. UGA Pre-Game!  Big Show! We've got major moves on the depth chart, injury reports and keys to a big Bulldog win. Plus a new pick from Smooth and a guest analyst breaking down the Gamecocks. Long show but its a damn good one...

call us and tell us what you think. ---------706-534-1516---------
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Special Report-- If you want to see exactly how Mike Adams and his Fan Friendly Zones are working out...check out this awesome video from our friends in Decatur...
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UGA 48 -- WK 12...
Big win for the Dawgs and we tell you everything you need to know about it. Mikey Henderson looks great, Joe T3 looks tenative, and Stafford looks "crisp"! We cover the game and tell you about how the towels were a disaster... Thanks for listening and get ready for a big show this week!
call us at 706-534-1516

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It's finally here, a pre-game show for an actual game. Not a very good opponent and in the classic tradition of playing to our competition...not a very good DawgCast episode. We cover some keys for the Bulldog victory and we have an interesting Smooth Pick. But let's face it, we are just not going to lose this game.

Dawgs roll in an easy one....

Go Dawgs!! Sic Em! Woof! Woof! Woof!

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Preseason Practice is finally over. It is gameweek! I am in the bunker solo tonight to wrap up everything that happened from wednesday thru saturday afternoon. Depth chart changes, injury reports, Buck Belue is losing his mind and Andy Johnston is an idiot...

Regular show schedule resumes this week! Come and get it!
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Thanks for listening!
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DawgCast #63 Well, we finally have a QB named as a starter. If you've been listening to us instead of drinking the MS KoolAid then this is not a big surprise. Its business as usual in Athens. Actually, not that much going on. Practices, afternoon T-storms, Picture Day....CMR got a new hat....pretty quiet headed into game week. We've also got Spirit Towels that Old Dawg hates... So the I'm Georgia campaign is off to a bad start.
Plus, we cover a potential Battle Royale between Old Dawg and the Showbiz Wife...
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DawgCast#62 Tickets and Traffic! We have been covered up in emails about tickets. People are getting some tickets but not all and freakin out. And it seems the University is taking a page from Communist China and including a boatload of parking propaganda and great offers! Yeah right!! Call us and tell us if you got your stuff or not! Its like Christmas at the bunker! 706-534-1516 or email us at Thanks for listening
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The Spring Scrimmage is over. We're halfway thru fall practice and there is no clear starter at QB. We break down the first scrimmage of fall practice  for you and point out the good, the bad and the ugly.
Then we call out Larry Munson on his negativity and then we beg to be his replacement. An injury report and some redshirt news also. And Martrez Milner still cant catch!!

19 days to go!

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Finally, some real football news to report on. We cover the evolving QB battles in and out of practice, including Stafford's new do. The O-Line is stinking it up and Callaway is shaking em up.

Flowers is benched and some freshmen step up. we also cover the polls and the auctions and a 50 foot beer sculpture on Alps Rd....only in Athens!
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DawgCast#59 This is our last show before the Fall Campaign begins. We're hung up on the Old Ball Sack (Steve Spurrier) and Kevin Perez and Dan Inman. Freshmen breaking strength records and redshirts. Plus a song about Summer and a rant about Urban, Leak, UF and their "tradition"

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DawgCast#58 While we're waiting for fall practice to start, we thought we'd cover a few more items...

First, the Myspace page is rocking! You wont believe who's listening to the show and has linked up with our Myspace page. Check it out!!  Thanks, Elvis!

Second, we get back into the tailgating topic again. UGA has a lame ass new website and they've appointed a Tailgate Czar (George Stafford 706-543-7933)... They've even got a cute map!

Then we cover our disagreement about the listeners. Old Dawg thinks you guys listen only to us for your Dawg News...Im not that optimistic. You SHOULD only listen to us. After all, we are doing all the homework and bringing you everything thats important...Anyway...VOTE IN THE POLL!

Call us at 706-534-1516 or email us at
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DawgCast#57 DawgCast#57- Our ADHD flares up big time in this show. We start off with an EXCLUSIVE report on Logan Gray. Then We riff on the Dawgvent, Matt Stafford, recruiting in general.

Then we go off on Student Move-In Day and our proud listing as THE Official Georgia Bulldog football podcast of the UGA website

We also cover the Seats vs Suites question and the new poll question.

Check out our MySpace page

Get Involved!!
Vote in the Poll!!
Email us at  
Call Us at 706-534-1516

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DawgCast#56-- Season Two Begins! It's only about 50 days until the first game so we thought we'd get back in teh game and catch you up on the goings on in Athens!

First, we've got that stupid damn Fan Appreciation Day going on over at the Butts Mehre Fields. Me and Old Dawg are boycotting it but if you want to go it starts at 3pm and costs $30. Its gonna suck.

Plus we've got Dan McGill's great article and the awesome lead in to the great coverage that Coach Richt got from Sports Illustrated.

Finally we hint around about our big news with a HUGE sponsorship coming ( kiss my ass Rivals!) and we've got the photos of David Greene's wedding including David Pollack macking on all the bridesmaids!

It's all for you!!
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Hey Dawg Fans!

It's Derek and I just wanted to let you know that the Second Season starts tomorrow. More giveaways, more interviews, more live remotes, more video...more interesting stuff about the Dawgs than you can shake a stick at. And none of that lame boring stuff you get  from the Applebee's crew!

So, check us out as we lead you into Fall Practice and into the first game 51 days from now!

Keep Hope Alive!
Category:general -- posted at: 10:15pm EDT

It's time to go Old School. On this episode, we get about as far away from Master P as you can get. For you older listeners, this show will be an awesome trip down memory lane. The kind of show that you'll want to listen to before every game. For you students and younger listeners, this is groundbreaking stuff. You'll learn why Larry Munson is sucha big deal, why we're the only school that can have the Godfather of Soul ride a fire hydrant onto the field while singing about your Defense! Classic DawgCast!

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DawgCast#54 Long Hot Summer...

We just dont have anything to talk about. This show is pure drivel. Derek spends the whole time talking about new buttons on the website and trying to sell T-shirts. There is NO news from Athens. Oh, except baseball super-regionals start tomorrow. Go Dawgs!!
Direct download: episode54.mp3
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Well, Coach Richt wasn't at the registration table for photos today. So, I just did a little video. You can see where the door to the bunker is, what the stadium looks like when she ain't working and a little bit of the CMR Football Camp...

This ain't Spielberg but if you live in Seattle, this is as close as you're gonna get to Athens in June!

Direct download: dc1.mp4
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Well, like we said, over the summer the only news you get is bad news. We've got some news from local courthouses as some Dawgs get sentenced and then suspended. Also, Derek's got an opportunity and a poll question.

And, what else do you need to know about the Mike Adams plan except for the fact that Spurrier supports it.

Plus!! We've got some awesome T-shirts. Standby for a pic!

And Master P plays a little ditty for us!
Direct download: episode53.mp3
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Still no interview...but we have an awesome song dedicated to Old Dawg! We bring you the PTI clip and some news about Dan Inman. Plus this link to a story about Mike Adams

I was wrong about C-Murder singing My Dogs...It's actually his brother Master can get this song on Itunes and you can find the lyrics here.

Plus, finally, we find out the artist name for the video soundtrack...
Call us at 706-534-1516 or email us at

3 months, 8 days, 14 hours...
Direct download: episode52.mp3
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DawgCast#51 Just say Michael Adams! This guy just continues to get up in our grill. We give you the latest on the Mike Adams Insanity Tour (check this link) plus some more player updates and information for the summertime Dawg Fan.

Plus we have an early leader in the coolest placement got the sticker placement contest....

Check it out... Think you can do better? I've got a cool T-shirt for you if you send me the picture!
Direct download: episode51.mp3
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Long Hot Summer... We don't have our interview yet, but we are working hard to get it soon. Meanwhile, GT students are wearing tin foil hats, and we get our first real donation!!

And we get picked up by the Georgia Podcast Network

So, welcome to our new listeners...Check out our Poll question, the FRAPPR map and call us at 706-534-1516 to leave a comment to be on the show!!
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Just a quick update from the bunker. We are working on the resolution for TailGate-Gate. We are still trying to find answers so we can bring you a complete solution when we broadcast. Thanks for your patience.

Also, notice (if you care!) that I am loading in the archives from the bottom up. I will be sending out a new one every 2-3 days, so if you're interested scroll down to relive some moments from last season...or just to see how this crazy show got its start.

Thanks for listening! And remember, you can always call us at
email us at
Category:general -- posted at: 5:58pm EDT

Well, it's Draft Day and we had 7 players get picked up. We tell you everything you need to know about it.

Plus, we've got some competition...another Georgia Football Podcast and boy, is it a snooze...

I blind-side Old Dawg with a disturbing story about the Gym Dogs vs. the Bulldogs...

More on TailGate-Gate and I met a new friend tonight-UGA Chaplain Kevin Hynes.

Finally, Check out our MySpace page
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We've got a new website! And we hope you like it... Give us some feedback and some ideas on ways to make it better.

In other news, we begin our coverage of the new tailgating rules and we're asking you for feedback. Check out these articles before you come up with your questions. 11Alive has a good one, as well as WSB-TV. I love both of the Red and Black's articles including an excellent opinion piece. Even SI has an opinion on the problem. Only the communists over at the commune called Athens Banner Herald agree with the evil overlord Mike Adams.

Give us a call at 706-534-1516
And here's a video thats not too bad except for the bizarre Jim donnan sighting, also you should know that it does have some profanity in it. I just wanted to put it up to prove to ya'll I could do it!!
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Al-Qaeda South- We sign a big O-line propect named Sturdivant who had 50 scholarships on his table.

Then we find out Georgia Tech is full of stinking terrorists! We always knew that damn school was a den of evil. Thanks to the FBI, now we have proof.

Other than that, pretty normal day...
Direct download: episode47.mp3
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Finally, some real football to cover. We take a look at players who stood out on both sides of the ball. Offense and defense, good and bad. Lots of action at QB. Cox blows up, Stafford moves up.

Plus, we cover defense. Asher Allen and CJ Byrd look like seasoned vets.

Get this show while its hot!
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Good Lord! We are stinking it up on this show! Live from the beach...A pathetic attempt at entertainment! Im drunk at TGIF's and UF is winning the NCAA Basketball tourney. Oh, the humanity! The only good news is that today is G-Day!
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Just a quick show to let you know we're going on vacation. Its the beginning of our annual Lewis Grizzard Pilgrimmage to Myrtle Beach. Im sure a show will be recorded while we're thereNotes from UT and some practice notes. Scrimmage coming up on monday...standby!
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No show notes for this one. I dont even know what we're talking about. Its a Spring practice grab bag.
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It's back to work for the Dawgs. Thankfully, no one got hurt or arrested over spring break. They're getting back to work and we are there to cover it for you. Let's get ready for the spring game!
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Its Spring Break and all good Dawgs are at the beach. So, we dont have much news. We're watching the Police Blotter and local bars very diligently.

There is, however, still some very bad news. Bill Hartman is dead. He was a great man and a great Bulldog and he will be missed terribly by the DawgNation and the entire college football community.

Sad Day.
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