The Georgia Bulldog Football PodCast!
Georgia 14 -- Georgia Tech 7  Post Game--One of my favorite episodes. How many different nerdy nicknames can I come up with for Tech? Don't know? find out here...

I am so sick of the Calvin Johnson circle!

Big Win against our biggest rival!
Remember Moral Victories only get you to the Moral Bowl.
The Nerd Herd Sucks.
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UGA vs Georgia Tech Pre-Game

We announce the birth of another audience member, Jacob Damon! But that doesnt stop us from getting it on with the Nerd Herd in ATL. We cover everything you need to know about our clash with Al-Qaeda South.

From early tailgate planning at the Cheetah 3 to the Keys To Victory in the game. Practice  Notes and Smooth's Pick and injury news.We also cover a list of the great UGA-GT games from the past

Huge Bowl and Recruiting implications...
Let's get it on with the Geek Squad, the Nerd Herd, Al-Qaeda South...
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UGA 45 - Kentucky 13 Post-Game Show

The SEC East Division Clinching show!! After a sluggish start Ely-Kelso ignites the crowd and the Dawgs with an awesome fake punt and the rout is on!

We convert some great 4th Downs and eliminate alot of penalties in a fun game.

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UGA vs Kentucky Pre-Game-- Well, it's finally time to clinch the SEC East. And we cover the upcoming contest for you with practice notes, keys to the win and a great Smooth Pick O The Week....

On our way to the Sugar Bowl!!
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UGA vs Auburn Post-Game-- One of our better shows, but still hard to listen to. We Lose this one on a big 4th and 11 play. Very tough game, tough post game (we start to see the cracks that WVU would later exploit in the Sugar Bowl)

36 minutes of no jokes, no bullshit, hard hitting UGA coverage of a tough game...
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UGA vs. Auburn Pre-Game-- This week we play the War eagle/Plainsmen/Tigers in A-town and we're looking for a tough game. But hoping for a big rebound after the Florida loss.

We cover practice notes including the debut of the Tennis Ball Machine! And the Keys to victory plus Smooth continues his winning ways with his Pick 'O The Week!

The DawgCast rolls on!
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Bye week show. Old Dawg pulls a hammy and it's just Derek for  ashort bye week show. Promoting Richt in the face of some ugly AJC comments. Plus a look at the SEC and the National Picture. I explain once again why USC and Texas arent going to lose and we are in great shape! Getting ready for AU.
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The BYE Week-This week we cover Brandon Coutu's recovery with CMR and the rest of the injury report. As well as practice notes and a look at what else is going on in the SEC.

We're close to clinching the SEC East! A trip to Atlanta for the SEC Champ Game adn then going back for the Sugar Bowl.

Buck up, little Bulldogs!
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Dawgcast#11 Special Edition- We were so damn depressed after the Florida loss and the show was such a bummer, we offer this special mid-week edition ahead of our Bye-week pre-game.

We talk a good bit about the unfolding tragedy at UT. Stay-puft marshmallow man is in trouble, losing staff etc...

Plus we defend CMR all day long.
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UGA vs UF Post-Game   UGA 10 -- UF 14

Well, we lost. That's it. We just lost. Play calling was unimaginative, defense bounced back and shut Meyer/Leak down for three quarters.
Coutu has worst game of career. Joe T did his best.

In spite of all that, we're still in control of our destiny. We're still in the driver seat for the SEC Championship! At the end of the day, thats all that matters. Buck up, dammit
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