The Georgia Bulldog Football PodCast!
UGA vs. Florida Pre-Game--

We make a strong comeback from our injury and get the computer back up and running.
We cover the keys to victory in the big game. Breaking down how we think JT3 is going to perform. and other things we need to do to get the win.
Also, Smooth continues his winning streak with another "Pick of the Week"

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Arkansas post game continued...

In an unprecedented move (and not repeated since!) we do a two-line audio blog call-in show with Old Dawg. We're optimistic that Joe T3 can get it done against UF.

Enjoy the early days of the show...before Chili's and the Golden Palace
came along we were winging it with crappy equipment and no help...

Now, thanks to our sponsors and SEC Podcast Network and the awesome folks at Libsyn
we are rocking in the big leagues...(same old crappy hosts though...sorry)

By the way, this is the last skipped, screwed-up show in the series...from here, we got a little better every time and we didnt lose another show in the series.

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UGA vs Arkansas Post Game -- UGA 23- Ark 20!

Critical victory! Dawgs look great, give up some big yards against  the run but we hold em off...
In a hard week for the DawgCast, we lose Shockley and our Hard Drive on the Showbiz Computer... Where's Episode 7? Who knows! We had to phone these shows in from an audio-blogger platform! We could only record five minutes at a time, so we split it up into two parts.

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UGA vs Vanderbilt Post-Game 34-17

Boring game, but we make the best of it for you. By fans, for fan--the show continues to grow.

Cutler looks good and comes well prepared but we win big in a very workman-like victory. Nothing so flashy but a solid win coming off a huge victory at Tennessee. No letdowns here, baby!

BCS Ratings come out tomorrow! See you next week!
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UGA vs Vandy Pre-Game-

A better show. A complete show. Me and Old Dawg break down the keys to victory with everything you need to know about the upcoming conference game against the Commodores and Jay Cutler. Smooth has another pick for you also.

You can see we're getting a little better...
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UGA vs UT Post-Game...UGA 27- UT 14

MOST OF THIS SHOW IS MISSING!! SORRY-Posting what I have, its clear that I was still learning...

It's Shockley's coming out party! His first big game, in a big game road atmosphere! TB looking good and so is Leonard Pope. Flowers returns a punt for a TD!

Max Jean wins SEC Offensive Player of the Week
Thomas Flowers wins SEC Special Team player of the Week
Coutu and Ely-Kelso looking good, and Richt's clock management is getting better!

Big Win!!

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UGA vs. Tennessee Pre-game

This is the first of our old "re-posts". Don't even ask me where episode #1 and #2 went, I cant find them and trust me...its a good thing. For you new listeners, this might be painful. It will be obvious that we dont know what the heck we are doing. I talk about injuries, keys to victory in the Tennessee game and goings-on around campus.

Me and Old Dawg break the game down AND we introduce a NEW segment on this show....The Smooth Pick of the Week!

Enjoy it or burn it...your choice!
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