The Georgia Bulldog Football PodCast!
Bowl Game Predictions. Show 3 of 3... Are we getting killed or what? Is this an exercise in futility or what?

Well, for what its worth, here are our final predictions. Embarrassing as they may be!

Happy New Year!

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Bowl Game Predictions  2 of 3...Listen and Learn!! Learn exactly how much we suck at picking Bowl Winners!

Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas!! And all thru Athens it was quiet as a mouse, so we start our Bowl Game Picking series...

*In the First Installment of a 3 Show Series, we cover our predictions for the early Bowl games. The sound quality sucks, sorry.
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Special Supplement Show... Everyone needs an update on whats going on with the show. Where's the video? Whats going on with the Dawgs? Things are quiet between SEC Championship game and the Bowl game. We let you know whats going on.

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DawgCast#21 We are the 2005 SEC Champions!!  'nuf said!!  In this show, we break down the dominating performance by the Dawgs. and reveal how we feel about ANOTHER SEC Championship... plus we look forward to the BCS SUGAR BOWL in Atlanta!

Hunkered Down and Atlanta BOUND!

call us at 706-534-1516  or email us at
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DawgCast#20A A Do-Over! I thought that damn show #20 was so boring that I wanted to take another shot at it....This is it. Please dont hold that #20 against us.
And whether you do or not...Call us at 706-534-1516
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DawgCast#20 The 20th Anniversary Show! In our 20th episode, we cover the pre-game info about the SEC Championship game. Team notes, practice stuff, injuries and preparation...Big Show!  Call the audio comment line at 706-534-1516
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Georgia 14 -- Georgia Tech 7  Post Game--One of my favorite episodes. How many different nerdy nicknames can I come up with for Tech? Don't know? find out here...

I am so sick of the Calvin Johnson circle!

Big Win against our biggest rival!
Remember Moral Victories only get you to the Moral Bowl.
The Nerd Herd Sucks.
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UGA vs Georgia Tech Pre-Game

We announce the birth of another audience member, Jacob Damon! But that doesnt stop us from getting it on with the Nerd Herd in ATL. We cover everything you need to know about our clash with Al-Qaeda South.

From early tailgate planning at the Cheetah 3 to the Keys To Victory in the game. Practice  Notes and Smooth's Pick and injury news.We also cover a list of the great UGA-GT games from the past

Huge Bowl and Recruiting implications...
Let's get it on with the Geek Squad, the Nerd Herd, Al-Qaeda South...
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UGA 45 - Kentucky 13 Post-Game Show

The SEC East Division Clinching show!! After a sluggish start Ely-Kelso ignites the crowd and the Dawgs with an awesome fake punt and the rout is on!

We convert some great 4th Downs and eliminate alot of penalties in a fun game.

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