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Moving right along!! Kids, we got no time to feel sorry for ourselves. Big rushing attack coming into town. Running QB who is a former WR. Stop me if you've heard that one before. Our track record against backup QBs is not so great.... Go Dawgs!

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Holy shit. Lose to a 25 point underdog AT HOME. A team thats 2-3. Lots of soul searching. Lots of man in the mirror kinda stuff...Dont even know what to say really...Nothing good.

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We begin a new series just for feedback and listener questions and comments. We get so many that it's hard to include on the regular show so we are considering doing this special from time to time... And this one has a bonsfide BOMBSHELL at the end. Tell us if you like it!!

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It's time to bust those Cocks again! Going for our 5th win in a row and Kirbys 4th, the Dawgs are 25 point favorites entering this game. SEC nation is going to be on the Quad, Athens will be poppin...again! Let's GATA!

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Big Win at Rocky Top!! 43-14 - Dawgs go full Return of the Titans in second half to close out a dominant performance! And Jake Fromm sings!

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Just in time for your drive to Knoxville! 

Special edition of the UT Pregame. I was in NYC all week so this show is a little weird, best we could do under the circumstances. But we are going to have a great weekend, Dawg Fans! Go Dawgs! Beat UT!

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This really just started as a test for a new recording rig and turned into a 30 minute question and answer session with listeners...And yeah, I know it's 505 and not 504...

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Whew! That was tough. Much tougher than my dumb butt expected. ND had a plan and worked it to perfection. Almost pulled it off too. But our superior firepower just finally came thru. Big win and a good test for the Team. It will pay dividends when the going gets tough later this year!  GATIA!

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Alright, let's get down to business! Gameday is here. Notre Dame is here. Let's go! We cover news from Athens, things you need to know to get ready for the game. Contests, tailgates, being classy..then in a bonus segment - Derek dives deep with the host of From The Dome - The Notre Dame Football podcast... Bonus DawgCast! GATA!!

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It's Our Thyme!

Time is the constant, undeniable, unstoppable. We all have our time. What matters, is what we make of it. Coach Dooley and Mrs. Barbara have made the most of their time. Herschel owned his. Like so many Dawgs before, this 2019 pack has a short time to make this their own, and make it last...

In the 1830’s, founder Augustus Bulleit nearly lost his now famous recipe, and did lose his life in route to New Orleans to deliver his prize bourbon. Thankfully his family took up the torch and we still enjoy it today. 

In honor of the tradition of the South and of UGA, we present Our Thyme. A Bulleit Thyme cocktail that marries the beloved bourbon whiskey of so many Saturdays before us. Lemon, bright like mid-morning tailgate sunshine, sweet agave like the dreams of young and new Dawgs, and a little bit of Thyme, because that’s all we’re guaranteed in life.

Dawg nation of 2019, this is our time and it too will pass. Augustus Bulleit gave it all to take his prize to New Orleans but fate befell him. This year we finish the drill and finish the journey. Our Thyme is now and our time can culminate in New Orleans - if we make the most of it. 

Our Thyme - A Dawg’s Time

4 oz Bulleit Bourbon (don’t be stingy)


Splash of lemon

2 Sprigs of Thyme


All-American Tip: Simmer 8 sprigs of fresh Thyme with 1/2 cup of agave in 2 cups of water to make a Honey-Thyme simple syrup. At the tailgate, add bourbon, then 2oz of the syrup and top with ice. Garnish with a sprig of Thyme.

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Huge win! 55-0 over Arky St. Play time is over and the Dawgs played their most complete game yet. Big win and we are ready to rock in the Bunker! Let's Go Dawgs! 

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Ok, so big win over Murray State, I'm feeling pretty good so I went to chicago. Jamey is manning the bunker, I'm in the remote studio. We cover this game and a few words about this weekend's nooner versus Arky St. Let's GATA! 

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Hell Yeah, Dawgs win big for our 500th show! Do we make a big deal out of it. Nope. Just keep on Grinding and DO MORE!

If you want to BUY A DAWGCAST 2019 SHIRT- CLICK HERE!!

Here's to 500 more! Go Dawgs! Lets get this Natty!

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It's HERE! Finally, real football. 72 hours to kickoff. A real SEC conference opener on the road, under the lights in Nashville! Let's GATA!! Time to kick ass and get this 2019 campaign started! Everything you need to know for a successful weekend!

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Just a quick little wrap of fall camp. No real news from Athens. We just want to make fun of the Gators and talk about the upcoming season

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Fall camp is complete! Ten practices in the books and finished with a big scrimmage in the stadium. School classes started today and we are now on to regular football and school operations. Let's GATA

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Tal.king Season is over...Football season is here! Let's GATA!! Camp is on...Pads are popping, Camp is rocking. Players moving up the charts and others moving into the Portal...We have all the news you need

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Defensive show! We cover the depth chart on the defensive side and so much more! We talk JJ and Receiver Room woes as well as Jax plans and Mel Tucker and Michael Davenport... BIG SHOW! 

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It's summertime! 81 days until kickoff. So we figured that's a great time to take a look at this Offensive Depth Chart and see exactly what Coley is working with. Plus we name the two players who didn't take a snap last year who we are most excited about this fall!

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Big recruiting news and exclusive audio from Coach Smart... Can you handle 55 minutes of Dawgcast??? In May???? Bringing you all the Dawg news you need from 60 feet beneath the Turf of Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium!

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We are BACK! Talking G Day and Draft and Recruiting and Lunch with Kirby! Woo Hoo!!! Let's GATA 

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Couple more arrests...a scrimmage and an tribute to a DGD gone way too soon... RIP Marcus #KIRBSTOMP

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Spring Ball is in full effect. Players, running, hitting and sweating it out on the Woodruff Practice Fields. We cover O Line and RBs. QBs and DBs...what else do you need??


Also, if you are looking for info on teh Marcus Davis project, check out Facebook page or just search #kirbstomp on any social

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We are still here! Back in the bunker with a solid hour of news from the deep south! 60 ft under the turf of Sanford Stadium, we have tons of things to talk about!! Let GATA!

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Lots going on in Athens. We talk Texas and losing players and Bama and also break a little news but I think the news we broke might have been a head fake. Sorry bout that.

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Sugar Bowl PreGame... We got one last thing to take care of to get this 2018 season done. Beat Texas! The Longhorns are good but not quite good enough, I think. They aren't quite there yet. And the Dawgs are going to show them what's life in the SEC East is like. Let's Go Dawgs! GATA!!

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So you're sitting in traffic...or you're listening to your Mother In Law talk about her cats...what you need over this holiday season is 49 minutes of DawgCast recruiting talk!!!

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It's that time of year again. When we and you come together to help a fellow Athenian and do a great thing. And also, get a cool piece of Georgia artwork for yourself or a loved one!

PLease send us a note and tell us which number pic you want!


Click Here to See Real Time Inventory of Our Davenports for sale!

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Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. So close , yet again. And can't close the deal, yet again...Heartbreaker in Atlanta. We cover it, fans, winners, losers, coaches leaving and coaches staying, everything you need to know about your Georgia Bulldogs.

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Big Show for a big Game!! SECCG! Back for our second year! This time as defending Champs! Bama is great but maybe, just maybe, Fate wants us to have a shot! Let's GATA!! See you Saturday at 4pm!

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Comic=Con is over. Nerds Lose! We smashed GT this weekend with an overload of awesome D and O...too much, too fast, too powerful on both sides of the ball. Easy peasy. Goodnight PJ!

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Senior Day! Final home game of 2018! Nooner. Let's get ready to beat those damn Nerds! Protect The Hedges! Lets GATA!!

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Dawgs win big over a tough player and a Not So Good team...Putting up insane number son offense and some standout performances by some really talented freshmen! We break it down, right here, with an opening bullet from the ShowBiz wife!

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Another big game! The numbers surrounding this UMass team are staggering. We break it all down for you. Big game! 4pm. Isaiah's Dad is back with bone chilling news about the opponent AND we have another contest you can try to win!


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Big Win for the Dawgs! Move to 9-1 on the season, handing Auburn their 6th loss in a row in Athens! D Swift sets his third consecutive Personal Rushing Record against the barners...Did we beat the Dawg Crap outta them??

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Thanks for listening to the DawgCast! we've got another big game this week against Auburn! They're all big this time of year aren't they?? Don't worry though, the Dawgs are gonna win! We've got the whole scoop here!

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Great game in Lexington! A Complete team effort in all three phases. Best team effort of the year so far. Still a lot of football left but you can't deny 12-0 in past two years vs. The East. We own the East! Now on to Auburn! 

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Yet another big game...An SEC CFP elimination game. This one will decide the East. Kentucky may have the two best players on the field but we have way more crayons than they have. Dawgs win this one, book it kids

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Back on the script! Big win in Jax! Third and Grantham is a real thing. Im in Vegas and Jamey is manning the bunker solo this week. We break down the game and tell you what's up in Athens!

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Ok, friends, it's time to get back to business. We need to find out if we are who we think we might be or if we are who we are afraid we might be. Can we take a punch and bounce back or not? HUGE game between top ten hated foes from Gainesville. Dawgs vs Gators! Jax 2018. GATA!

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Well, damn... we're were having fun, right up until they scanned my ticket. Then it all went to hell. Just damn.

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BIG TOP 15 matchup!! In Death Valley! The game we've all been waiting on. Let Geaux and kick their ass!! Short show, HUrricane and trip planning are messing me up!

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Big Homecoming win! Fromm looks awesome! Swift looks awesome. Injuries not awesome. First half Run D not great but...6-0 baby!!!

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WE ARE BACK! In a special double length, double strength show with a fresh segment featuring Isaiah's Dad live from Dell Mcgee's office in Columbus GA. We cover the UT win and the Vandy night game coming up!

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Ok, it's a BIG game...or maybe just A game...but it is against a real SEC opponent! One who beat us the last time they were in town. Just two years ago. Remember the Dobbs and the 12 seconds. And crush the Vols!!

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Dawgs come home with a 14 point win over Missouri and lots of teachable moments and also too many damn injuries...We break it down for you here....


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Back to Conference Play in Columbia...again. Missouri this time not SC. But the game is still the same, beat the opponent down, demoralize them, get the big win and come home! We got it covered here in the bunker!

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Our 3rd 40 point win in a row. First time in School history...not bad brother, not bad. Some crappy penalties but ptherwise looking good in Athens this week. Headed to the other Columbia next....

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Get up Dawgs!! Another game this saturday night! 7:15pm against Middle Tennessee State! Come on out and help us get the win! Not going to be much of a tailgate, but we are going to pound these guys!

All the facts you need to know to be awesome at the game and around the TV this saturday!

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Ok, we got it done! Done big! Big Dawg Win in Columbia 41-17. Me and Jamey tell you everything that you already know about the game. Pretty easy to tell when you're dominating! 

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BIG SEC Opener in Columbia! Let's find out what all the fuss is about! Do the Dawgs have what it takes. Yes. Yes, we do. We break it all down for you! Let's GATA!!

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Ring the Chapel Bell!! It's another win in Athens on a saturday. The Austin Peay Governors came to town, got wore down and took a 45-0 whipping. QB's look good. Defense looks ok, run game...meh.

We got all the news you need from Athens!

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OMG Finally!! Finally, we get to wash that taste out of our mouth and get back to a fresh campaign! The hunt for the National Championship is back ON! Me and Jamey are in the Bunker for the first real show of this new season. Austin Peay is coming to town on Saturday at 3:#0pm and we get you ready to rock!  Check out our FaceBook page here

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It's almost time! Time to Let The Big Dawg Eat! Lets wrap up fall camp and get ready to start installing gameplan for Austin Peay and USC. I will see you in Athens next saturday, on the tracks!

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Back in The Bunker! Summer is over and fall is close. Football is 22 days away and we could not be more ready. We go thru the team and talk about practice looks and players who are ready to make an impact.

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We're back with a little bit of news from Athens and a helpful PSA from the 'New Guy' Jamey.  We are working on a lot of new stuff in the Bunker, including a Facebook presence, Insta, maybe Youtube and Spotify... Testing lots of things to make the show better for YOU.

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Another Successful Kirby Era G Day Game in the books. We saw some great D , some flashes of O and some beer at the tailgate. Pretty awesome saturday and now we are back in the bunker to tell you all about it.

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It's Spring Practice time! Time to shake off the rust, and dust, crank up the generator in the old Bunker and see whats up with this new group of Dawgs. New guy in the Bunker, Jamey. He is got a wealth of info about players, recruiting and practice info...let us know what you think!

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DAMMIT! So close. So damn very close. I don't wanna talk about it. And you dont wanna hear about it. But we gotta close it out. Get ready for next year. Put it behind us and get on with future domination. Plus I gotta find a new Co-host, signing day is right around the corner...Looking at some 5 Star Talent

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ROSE BOWL VICTORY!! It was the most thrilling game I've ever seen! Holy crap, it was great. We've got The Senator from Get The Picture on again...filling the Old Dawg seat with grace and information. Lets talk about this great win over Oklahoma and look at whats facing us in the National Championship game!!

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ROSE BOWL PreGame Show with The Senator from Get The Picture 

This is it! It's Playoff time. Time to take the Sooners down and restore our place in the College Football pecking order...It sis going to be a tough close game. OU is good and they are motivated and they know what they are doing. It is going to take 100% focus and effort for us to get it done. Kirby and Co are going to be ready and The Senator and me break it all down for you...

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ok, so for those of you who asked and for those of you who didn''s a little Rose Bowl talk with my good friend Eric from Athens and then he shares the story of Michael Davenport and why we are trying to help him out a little...

Be generous, you little scrooges!


Here's the link to the video with him....


Here's the link to see what we have left to sell...

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We've been waiting a long time but we finally got it done. We won the SEC. Beat the cat crap out of the Tigers of Auburn and brought home the hardware. Stafford couldn't do it, Murray couldn't do it. Fromm, the QB of destiny, gets it done on his first try. Chubb and Michel and Bellamy and Carter are vindicated for their decisions... Storybook ending. Bad guys lose, good guys win!

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Boom! Fish Fry PJ goes down swinging...just like we knew he would. Easy peasy. Jake Fromm throws a 78 yarder, Sony goes chalk on the Nerds. Roquan tackles everything that moves and the Nerds score no points in  second half. Now onto our bigger 'fish to fry'

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Holiday Week! Hate Week! We are going to crush the Hive. Its going to be no contest this weekend. We are going to kill these nerds...Enjoy your turkey and relax. We got this.

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Big Win in Athens! Undefeated in Sanford Stadium in 2017! Sweep The East happened as predicted. Kentucky goes down swinging about like we thought they would... now we roll into our Western Satellite Campus on Techwood drive.

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Its a lite episode...I couldn't get Old Dawg to the it's just me in a place holder episode...but I got Isaiah's dad and DCTS to keep me company! Go Dawgs!! Beat the Cats!

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Well, that sucked from top to bottom. From Head Coach to Water boy...a through ass whuppin. But the response is all that matters now. We have got to get our head straight. #sweeptheeast and beat GT and then take down whoever we get in Atlanta. We can do it.

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Big game on the plains this weekend...third straight on CBS at 330...maybe our toughest game yet. But I think if we have our A game, it actually wont be that tough. Auburn actually kinda sucks.

Direct download: dc446.mp3
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The Season Of Destiny continues! We didn't get the score just right. It was a more competitive team in USC than we expected but it was never in doubt. Dawgs take care of business. Lots of stuff to break down from this game! 

Direct download: dc445.mp3
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Another week, another big test for Kirby and Co...SEC foe USC comes to town for a big game in Athens at 330 on Saturday. Expecting a big test from USC D for our offense...Lets GATA!!!

Direct download: dc444a.mp3
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Revenge Tour 2017 continues...our season of setting the world right continues. Big win over Florida in Jax. Feels like old times, seems like we are finally putting some old demons in the ground and it feels great. 4 completed passes! Lots of running, huge D and important passes when we needed them. D is playing awesome. O Line is playing great. Skill boys are lights out. 25 point fave over USC...lets go to work. (Last minute of this show was clipped and I couldnt restore it...)

Direct download: dc443a.mp3
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Finally, dammit. It's gameday! Dawgs-Gators-Jacksonville! Biggest game of the year, if you ask's always the biggest game of the year. We must end the Evil Empire. I want to put them in the ground. End the program. Exorcise the demons. Revenge Tour 2017 continues!! Go Dawgs! GATA!!!

Direct download: dc442.mp3
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Another Week, Another Big Conference win!! 53-28! Rough start but adjustments made and your Dawgs get it done using other methods! Fromm throwing all over the place. Record yards in a conference game! 698....running, throwing...offense bails out the D for once!

Direct download: dc441.mp3
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Special Double Episode!! The string on our tin cans wasn't working sunday night as we laid down another award winning episode for our Vandy Post we did the whole show again and then we talked a little about Mizzou also!

Direct download: dc440.mp3
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On to Nashville...having thoroughly conquered Knoxville, the Dawgs march on to Nashville. Revenge Tour 2017 is in full swing..Let's get it!

Direct download: dc439.mp3
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An epic "Signature" ass whooping for the ages...41 to 0 in Neyland stadium. These Dawgs just keep getting better and better. Doing it all on Offense, Defense and Special teams...Chubb gets his payback, Fromm shows he can take a punch and bounce back...We learned a lot in Tennessee now we just have got to keep it rolling in Nashville

Direct download: dc438.mp3
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So, Round two, IN Knoxville. Gotta get it done, no injuries, win big. Simple plan. Run it early and often, eat clock, score a lot and crush their Offense. It's Munson's birthday, let's crush their face with a hobnail boot!!

Direct download: dc437.mp3
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HUge win in Athens!! Your #11 Dawgs beat the brakes off the #17 Dogs of Miss St... complete game and domination in all phases. Killer instinct to the very last play! GATA!

Direct download: dc436.mp3
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Ok Dawg Fans...this is a big game. First SEC tilt...In Athens. Big game vs Miss St, the mongrel dogs from Starkville. Im in Seattle, using a tin can and a string to get this show done, but we've got Isaiah's dad checking in and we talk all about Nick Fitzgerald and Jeffrey Simmons

Direct download: dc435.mp3
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HUGE WIN! The kind of win we've been waiting years for. Big win, on the road, that had meaning. Coming from behind, two epic programs. and we brought home the win! Dawgs are trending in the right direction. Kirby is getting it going right, finally. And we are here, in the bunker, covering it all...

Direct download: dc434.mp3
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Can you handle all the goodness??? A full hour of DawgCast celebrating the big win over App St. Discussing the good points in the win, the areas of concern and of course, the big changes at QB... Then, we have a special guest- Brae Beadles - live From the Dome in South Bend with a special report on ND. More can be found from him at From The Dome

Or you can hit him up on Twitter --- (be nice!) @fromthedome1842

Also, of course you can follow us @dawgcast

We have a big double show tonight covering App St and Notre Dame

Direct download: dc433.mp3
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Not our best... Im kinda drunk. In a hurry. Left a Pre-season party full of rye whiskey to get something recorded...Plus Old Dawg's mic is screwed up and full of static...freaking bush league. But the music bumpers at the front and back are worth it! Got to beat App St good tomorrow! Go Dawgs!

Direct download: dc432.mp3
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We ARE BACK! And So is football! It's that time of year. Hope springs eternal here at the Bunker and we are busy cleaning off the cobwebs and getting ready to cover a whole new season of hard hitting Bulldawg Football!

Direct download: dc431.mp3
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It's that time of year again! The 10th Annual Reverse Recruiting Show! An annual tradition started to illustrate the futility of getting highly ranked recruiting classes each year only to watch them flame out spectacularly...I really hope we are getting closer to not having to do this crappy episode anymore. Here we go...look back at 2013.

Direct download: dc430.mp3
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Big Bowl win.. seriously, it was much better to win than lose. Happy to get it and we are happy in the bunker/ Recruiting going bonkers...seniors staying in Athens...everything is coming up aces for Kirby and Co.

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Liberty Bowl PreGame... We are playing case you didnt noon....on a friday....yawn.....but, recruiting is red hot and that IS newsworthy!

Direct download: dc428.mp3
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Well, dammit. A damned tragedy. Last 11 minutes goes to hell and we are left wondering what could've been. 5 points from 10-2...A sorry end to a sorry season. We bring Isaiah's dad out of cold storage for one last call this season...

Direct download: dc427.mp3
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Hate Week! We cover the ULL win for about 30 seconds and then it's on to the Nerd Herd and what we need to do to win. Also, a little history on why beating them is so damn important. We Run This State! Happy Thanksgiving Dawgs!!

Direct download: dc426.mp3
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Well, we are a 25 point favorite over the Ragin Cajuns of Lafayette...and all the focus is on ---can we maintain and build on the momentum we fought so hard for last saturday night? Only time will tell. Let's get to the stadium tomorrow at Noon and kick some cajun ass!

Direct download: dc425.mp3
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Big win! yuuuuge Win! Just what the Doctor and Kirby adn the players and the staff and the fans ordered! 13-7. Crazy good work by the D. Effective playcalling and offense. Specials were special enough! Great game. FUn game. Awesome game.

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DawgCast #423

Its Auburn week! Oldest rivarly in the deep south! Short show without Old Dawg just to say I got one out...kinda superstitious about it!

Gotta stop that pass rush and slow down their running game...thats all. Piece of cake!

Beat Auburn

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And....we're back. Im home from Vegas and we are back in the bunker to talk about this Kentucky game. Not going to talk too much about the Florida loss because thats in the rear view now. We've got to move forward into the sunlight future. We got a Kicker, a QB, a TE and a couple of WR's...lets go with that!

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I really try to make a go of it! Being as positive as possible. But seriously, it's tough. You've given up. You know you have. Kinda feels like everyone has...but I still have hope. 25% hope dammit. Dawgs Win this weekend. Mark it down!

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Let's face it...not going to be a good season. Vandy broke our collective hearts. It sucked. Shows aren't fun anymore because I hate the doom and gloom stuff...but thats where we are. WE ARE the dumpster fire now...hope CKS can turn it around.

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Storm is a coming to Columbia! Hurricane Eason! Or maybe Chubb!! But either way the game has been moved to sunday and we arent in the bunker. I'm on remote to Cali but we still let you know what to look for this weekend

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OMG, that hurt. Really. But we did give terrific effort for 4 quarters. And did everything we needed to do to win. It was a big game for our Freshmen, our DB's (until that last little bit), RB's, Eason, Ridley and Nauta...real progress, we just didnt close it out like pros. But we will.....soon.

In other news, Krystal Tailgate was awesome!!

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Got a big update to the Tailgate complete with directions and content and everything else you need to know...

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So, another big game. This time we take on the Volunteers at 3:30 on CBS. Old Dawg has issued the reverse hex and also made an incredible promise if we win. Listen til the end to hear about that. Also, detail about the tailgate and free food! Come see us at the tracks...

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Well, that sucked. We kinda called it but we were trying to be optimistic. Systemic failure at all levels of game play. No tackling, no covering, no pass block, no run block, no catching and no running...just not very great. to say the least...We are in it now. Only can move forward. 

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